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    This is an example of an energy conservation project performed by Paquette Electric Company.

The existing high bay fixtures were 400 Watt, High Pressure Sodium lights, which use approximately 455 watts per fixture. Though they have a high lumen output, the color rendering leaves something to be desired. Paquette Electric chose four light, High Output, T5 fluorescent high bay fixtures as a replacement. These fixtures only use 234 Watts per fixture, with a largely improved color rendering. The effect on the working environment speaks for itself.

    In this age of emerging energy-saving awareness, Paquette Electric has extensive expertise in the area of Energy Conservation. Since 1988, we have been working closely with several electric utility companies throughout New England; implementing many Energy Conservation Rebate/Incentive Programs for commercial and industrial buildings.

    Paquette Electric's adept team of energy professionals have completed hundreds of lighting and energy audits in state and privately-owned facilities. Experienced in the installation of the latest energy saving technologies - including lighting systems, occupancy sensors, energy efficient motors, variable frequency drives, automatic temperature control, and recently, solar electric energy systems - Paquette Electric is qualified to design and implement comprehensive energy- saving projects of any scale. We help our customers achieve energy independence, make a positive environmental impact, and ensure a great investment.

    From the initial audit, energy savings, and payback calculations to the final implementation of the project, Paquette Electric can assist our clients every step of the way. Paquette Electric is knowledgeable in securing the maximum financial incentives and interest-free financing available from the Utility Company to make an energy conservation project affordable and viable.

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